Getting To Utopia

Dual Power Models

Revolutionary political movements of the past and present have focused on seizing states by electoral statecraft or violent revolutions, or on destroying them before constructing future institutions. These praxes have only resulted in ineffectual political parties, watered-down capitalist states, totalitarian regimes, or nothing from the start.

Instead of statecraft or violent overthrow, neither of which build democratic institutions, the dual power model creates the future institutions today, in the shell of the old. The movement is organized around neighborhood assemblies and cooperative networks, that also form the basis of democratic institutions that will replace the state and corporatocracy.

Utopian Thinking

Modern political and social movements are plagued by dogmatism, anachronistic fantasies of 20th Century narratives, or a suffocating resignation for a supposed "pragmatism."

"The assumption that what currently exists must necessarily exist is the acid that corrodes all visionary thinking." -Murray Bookchin

Demand Utopia applies avante-garde art and messages that counter the current cultures of death cults with a life cult. Visionary thinking is not removed from reality, but unconstrained by the prevailing resignation of what can be done to what has been done.